Who We Are

Started in 2009, Integral OH has been providing high quality, Occupational Health services to employers across the UK for over a decade.

We provide a range of Occupational Health services and are clinically managed, ensuring we deliver safe and effective services for the benefit of employers and employees.

Our senior management team are led by occupational physicians and we are committed to the provision of quality services for which we are SEQOHS accredited.

With our main clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we deliver face to face Occupational Health assessments for employees, making sure employers have clear advice. We also provide Occupational Health assessments nationally with our telemedicine platform for video and telephone consultations – all delivered by our in-house Occupational Health doctors.

We have a broad range of service lines to meet the varied and developing needs of our customers all backed up with a contactable Chief Medical Officer.

If you need more information or advice from Integral OH, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to discuss what we can do for you.