Our consultations are conducted by OH Doctors (Occupational Physicians).

We are experienced in managing routine and complex cases including those where Equality Act 2010, work stress, disciplinary and performance issues are involved.

All of our doctors are qualified in Occupational Medicine. Our clinical governance and audit processes ensure our quality standards are met.

Employees value our specific advice and employee satisfaction with our services is high.

Where specific work problems are identified, we will advise on suitable solutions and risk assessment so that employers can manage workplace issues based on sound legal and practical principles.

The consultation process and information you will receive in our reports is illustrated here

Effective Occupational Health

Our Occupational Physicians understand effective occupational health.

Effective OH is achieved through:

  • A doctor-led service where the OH Physicians understand the reasons behind workplace health issues
  • Interventions where employees are given pro active advice on health improvement strategies
  • Efficient and responsive service delivery