New Starter and Night Worker Screening

New Starter and Night Worker Screening

Pre-employment Screening:

A pre-employment, post offer medical assessment can be an important part of risk management for organisations.

Our approach involves a detailed health questionnaire with Physician screening and telephone enquiry where necessary. A small percentage of applicants will require an OH Physician appointment to provide a more detailed assessment and advice to the prospective employer, particularly where significant adjustments or work implications are likely to arise.

In the vast majority of cases our response to the employer is within 48 hours of receipt of the form. Questionnaires are completed on our secure online portal so there is no need for the prospective employer to handle the clinical information, complying with the DPA 2018.

Benefits include:

  • Evaluation of employment risks
  • Demonstration of increased duty of care at placement
  • Legal compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and adjustment advice
  • Ability to introduce proactive advice on good health maintenance

Night Worker Screening:

The Night Worker Medical Assessment service is used by many organisations in order to comply with the Working Time Regulations 1998.

Online Completion is the quickest and easiest method. We supply the employer with an instruction sheet which can be given to employees. It explains the process and our privacy notice for the employee. The instruction sheet also includes your organisation’s username and password. The employee goes to our website and enters the username and password. They will then complete the questionnaire, agree to the declaration and press send. This is then securely received by Integral where the questionnaire will be processed, usually within 24 hours.

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