OH Physician Consultations

OH Physician Consultations

Integral OH doctor consultations are scheduled for at least one hour. This is to ensure high quality clinical assessment and evaluation as well as a specific management plan for case resolution.

Reports are specific to the case so we do not use ‘templates’ or ‘forms’ for report production. We don’t need to, because our doctors are skilled in assessing cases and providing clear and specific reports. We usually dispatch consented reports to the employer by encrypted email, the next working day.

Every case referred to us is important so our approach has always been to use Occupational Medicine qualified doctors for each and every referral. That way, quality advice is provided first time, every time.

Our Doctors explore medical and non-medical issues and recommend appropriate interventions to improve the situation.

Employee’s value the time they have with our clinicians and this is confirmed by our employee feedback surveys.

OH Physician reports bring clarity and direction to workplace health-attributed situations which can include absence, performance and disciplinary issues.

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